Funding, Pt II

I need your assistance in making this project a reality. I have sold a small number of books already, which is good news. I also have been shown over 12k times on Google’s AdWords network, with several hundred clicks. These clicks cost me money, and they’re not necessarily translating into immediate sales. I’ve done marketing before, and I know it takes money to make money. I’m not here to make money. I’m here to reach an audience that needs to hear they’re not alone, that their struggles aren’t in vain, that suicide isn’t the only way out. It, apparently, takes money for this purpose too. So, unfortunately, I’m going to keep asking for donations until I decide that I have enough to proceed or I give up and realize that no one cares. Please tell me this has not all been in vain. Remember, there’s prizes attached to the donations, so check them out! You can donate here or you can purchase the book here. Every dollar goes a long way. Do the right thing, not just for me, but for the mental health community, and help provide a valuable resource to the neediest of patients.

With love and gratitude,



Book cover


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