Facebook, Amazon, Instagram and kik!

Hey guys, I just uploaded a new segment from my book “Borderline Affairs.” I hope you enjoy reading it! Please, if you have the time, visit my Facebook page, and click “Like,” and don’t forget that my book remains available on Amazon in e-book and paperback format for a very reasonable price, and I encourage you to share it widely. There is also a direct link from my Facebook page to purchase the book. I welcome any and all feedback. Please note, I have opened an Instagram account to encourage posts and feedback from the community, and I also have a new kik account to chat with me directly and discreetly. I hope to hear from you! I feel like the social media world is my best outlet and the best way to find others who are also reaching out for help and assistance. I’m not here to provide you with a cure, but I can assure you that life gets better, that life is worth living, and that, one day at a time, you too can make it. I did, despite all odds, and I know you can too. Cheers!

Borderline Affairs - Kindle Edition

Borderline Affairs – Kindle Edition


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