New website

I am transitioning my work, and most likely my future blog posts, which I intend to update more frequently with new content, to my new website. Please go take a look, sign up for e-mails if you want, and take the opportunity to purchase my book from the links provided. Right now, I have a promotion on Amazon for the Kindle edition for just $7.99! The paperback is still $12.99, a great deal for those needing this type of support or information. The new website is at, eventually I will pony up the money for a true URL. You are also free to donate using the donation link, which, along with book revenues, provides me the ability to market my book to a more targeted audience and to support my outreach efforts to vulnerable communities. Yes, you can just buy the book and I’ll still get paid, but I thought I’d offer both options, considering the amount I need to raise to support more book sales. I’d love some feedback on the website, I’m very new to website building, and obviously using a drag-and-drop editor, but there is quite a bit of flexibility in designing it, and I’d appreciate constructive feedback.

Thanks again for being a loyal follower. See you on the new website!

Kirk Rehn


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